Hey guys .
I got some stuff that a need help with .

First off 6'5 at 120 kgs .bf at 16%. Lifting almost 17 years .35 yrs old now.

Last cycle was my tren testing cycle of supertest and tren to see what my. BOdy does with tren.
1.2 ml of supertest at 450 mg per
week and 75 mg tren eod .
Pct was just nova and tribulus .

Question brings me to this -
I have test e 200mg per ml
Supertest 450 mg per ml
Eq 200 mg per ml
Tren 75 mg per ml
Winny and dbol
Pct - Clomid.hcg .nova

Was gonna do
Test e 600 mg wk
Eq 600 mg wk
Tren 300 mg wk

Your thoughts ? Add oral ? Different dosages?
I'm 4 cycles in most just test deca Winny