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    canadian suppliers ?

    Hey guys and girls i had a question has anyone heard of appollo labs in canada? i bought a few sample containers form this guy online and ita apperently some new lab out of alberta ? Cant find shit on the web searches and ill point out appollo is spelt wrong and all the lot numbers on the anavar and dobl containers are the same im guessing its shit so im not taking any of it . I see alot of posts of users talking about canadian companys can anyone point me in the direction of a actual decent supplier ? And how to contact them ? i live about a hour out of vancouver canada ... I cant find much online and have already had a us shipment seized at customs so im not risking crossing the border with the shit its hard to find prouduct you can trust now a days and does anyone know of labs that test the shit ? Only thing ive found is bcbio labs but i think you need a doctors order to get tested ???

    Your input is appreicated


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