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    Question about maintaining gains (Blasting vs Cruising) and more

    Alright so I was arguing with a friend, neither of us take steroids , about maintaining.

    He said that once you stop a cycle, after a while you will lose all the gains. I argued, that as long as you are at, or below your natural limit, it does not matter how u made your gains (ie naturally or with AAS), you will be able to maintain if you are careful.

    He said u can only maintain if u blast and cruise.

    However for someone who is non-competitive like me, wouldn't cycling be better?

    I am not taking steroids, but I am thinking about it once I am 22-23 years old.

    I thought about it this way, in terms of gains. Taking steroids to reach your natural limit I mean:

    Year 1- 7kg Muscle
    Year 2- 4kg Muscle
    Year 3- 2kg Muscle
    Year 4- 1kg Muscle
    Year 5- 1kg Muscle
    Year 6- 700g Muscle
    Year 7- 500g Muscle
    Year 8- 400g Muscle
    Year 9- 300g Muscle
    Year 10 to 15 - 200g Muscle (NATURAL LIMIT)

    Instead you do this:
    Year 1- 7kg muscle
    Year 2- 4kg Muscle
    Year 3- 2kg Muscle
    Year 4- 1kg Muscle
    Year 5- (Roids) 4kg muscle (NATURAL LIMIT)

    So instead of training for 15 years to reach natural limit, you train 4 years natty, do 1-2 cycles and reach your natural limit and then maintain.

    Am I wrong and why?
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    Very possible to keep the majority of your gains post cycle. I think you'll find this article from marcus300 interesting:

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