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    Ketosis vs low carb

    When it comes to retaining muscle(which we all want to do)

    All things being equal (cardio and training)

    Which seems to work best: Ketosis 5 days depleting 2 days
    loading or Just lowering your carbs by 10-15%

    Or can one combine the two

    eg: diet for 2 months on low carbs then say 2 weeks out
    from a contest , start depleting and loading?

    I have heard alot of talk about coming in harder and fuller
    when depleting your glycogen stores for 5 days , then load
    up for 3-4 days or until contest day?

    Any input or personal experience would be appreciated

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    you have to make sure that you do it 100% correct or you mit not be at your peak for the contest. it is different for everyone you have to just play around with it unill you get it right. I had a friend do it and he went 2wks of carb depleting then 5 days of no carbs then loaded them for 4 days I mean really loaded up.

    It worked for him but mit not work for you

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