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    Test E & Dianabol

    Im thinking about running the following cycle in a few months:

    500mg per week test enanthate week 1-12
    30mg dianabol week 1-4
    500iu Hcg per week
    12.5mg Aromasin per day


    Clomid: 100mg/50mg/50mg
    Nolvadex : 40mg/40mg/20mg/20mg

    Was just wondering if everything looks okay its my second cycle my first was over a year ago and wasn't very successful I ran 400mg of testosterone cypionate each week for 10 weeks gained about 15lbs then by the time I had finished my pct I had lost most of it.
    Im only 20 but been training for 4 years and eating right for the past 3 years can easily eat 4000 calories of clean food a day at the moment I am cutting for another few weeks then planning to do this cycle as a bulking cycle.
    I know I am young and people always say wait until your older but ive already done a cycle.

    I am 6' weighing 92kg/202lbs around 10% bodyfat

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    Everything was perfect till I got to your age wtf
    And doing one cycle under 20 years old makes it right to do another???

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    I would hold off on another cycle for as long as you can or at least until your endocrine is fully developed (25 yrs old). If you are losing everything that you gained on cycle then your eating isn't on spot yet. This takes time to learn. You may be eating the right things and be on the right track but it stick takes time to learn what your body responds to the best. Try to hold off on the cycle .

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    hello paul,
    heres my two cents you have good stats for being 20.. wait on the cycle check out the nutrition section here also start your research now. its never too early to start your research.

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