I've been on HRT for a few years now, 200mg Cyp ew. I get my Blood work done every 6 weeks per my Doc. Every time I have blood work done, my RBC's are elevated. Nothing too drastic. It elevates between 46 to 49 and my doc wants it under 45, so he takes a pint out when it's over 45. I also am on meds for High BP.

I started a test cyp 400 mg ew and deca mg 325 ew cycle 4 weeks ago kick started with 40mg Dbol ed. I also cleaned my diet up somewhat. I had my blood work done today, and my RBC's are 44.5, which is where it should be and my BP was allot better than usual.

I'm really surprised at this. The Test is what raises my RBC's, so since I increased the dosage 4 weeks ago to double of what I normally take of test, my RBC's should have been elevated this time around. The better BP reading I can attribute to cleaning up my diet, but when running a cycle, I would think my BP would increase also. I don't know what to think, but I'm happy with that. I doubt Deca would help lower my RBC's???