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    in need of knowledgeable advice! test e 300 and anadrol.

    Hey there!
    Been reading lots and lots of forums over the years and learned a lot of good information from all of you.
    I'm looking to start a cycle had the stuff for a while.
    I want to run test enanthate 300 and anadrol but I want to make sure I do it right I haven't been drinking for a couple weeks and been eating clean for months now just to make sure I'm really healthy I've also been taking like thistle. What I need to know is how much to take and for how long and also what I need to have on hand for pct or if I should have anything for during to cycle to add to what I have. I'm 26 been lifting very seriously for 8 years don't one other cycle a couple years ago.Trent and prop and Nolvadex after, that got me from 123 to 133 after it was all said and done I was up to 140 but lost a few pounds after. Had a bit of an injury that didn't help with that tho. I have a hard time gaining tho I'm very lean and have to eat 24/7 get anywhere. I also have acsess to tren and prop didnt think i would need that much stuff tho. Any advice would be very appreciated thank you!

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    Current weight?
    Bodyfat %?
    Current diet macro's?

    Can you expand on the stopped drinking bit. Are you an alcoholic?

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    U should start with a test only cycle
    Read Austinite treads

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    140 lbs? Are you 5' tall? There is a big nutrition problem here if you not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fit2bOld
    140 lbs? Are you 5' tall? There is a big nutrition problem here if you not.
    ^^^This. 123 to 133 and then 140. The issue appears to be nutritional. There is more to growth ad body building than eating clean. Growth happens because you provide the FUEL (food) to promote muscle growth. If you aren't eating well above your TDEE, steroids won't produce the results you expect they will.

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