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    Getting rid of Gyno caused by Estrogen Rebound

    I took Letro a while back. I tapered it off properly and took Nolva but I still had a massive Estrogen rebound that made my existing gyno worse.

    Looking back my gyno was more pubertal and high bf% related. The Letro made it worse.

    I am not looking to screw with my hormones and body again. Anyone got tips to get rid of gyno that isn't pubertal but steroid induced (in this case Letrozole induced)?

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    That's a rough situation bro. Letro is a powerful AI and it's notorious for crashing E2 levels. Raloxifene should fix your gyno issue. Rolax is extremely effective at gyno treatment because it has a very high binding affinity to receptors in breast tissue. Here are two threads that explain reversing gyno by using rolax.

    Stop Using Aromatase Inhibitors to Reverse Gynecomastia! Serms Only!

    Estrogen, Prolactin, Progesterone Management + Gynecomastia Prevention And Reversal
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    What is your current BF now ? Estrogen rebound sucks . IMO pick up some more cardio , tweak your diet up a little more as far as NOT eating carbs late at night and take a small dose of nolva for a few weeks . Vets could probably chime in with some more info

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    Up your D3 intake. D3 helps to metabolize the already existing estrogen in your system.

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