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Thread: cant run test

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    cant run test

    Is there anything I can run with dbol besides test? I have an enlarged prostate and the last 2 cycles with test really made it worse. It got so bad I couldn't pods and got a bladder infection. I would like something that will give good gains in mass that can be kept without test. Thanks for any help.

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    Any steroid will affect your prostate so you should stay away from steroids ...

    Sry man

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    Health first. If you have prostate issues you should probably stay off. test should always be a base, so you're always going to run into that issue

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    Dear bigmeaney!

    This is not regarding test, but more towards the problems you have with BPH, have you tried finaterid or tamsulosin(or perhaps the combination called duodart(at least in my country)), maybe they can help you out a bit. But please take a PSA test before you start and after 3-6 months, and maybe you are a candidate for TUR-P(transurethral reseksjon av prostata)?
    Anyway, health first, and urin-retentions is very, very painful! Best of luck

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