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    Am I ready for a cycle

    I'm almost done with a 12 week transformation where I have dropped from 20% bf to 11.9% according to handheld

    I'm 22 5"10 169 lbs ....I started at 190 ...I know I've lost a lot of weight but I've gained strength in all my lifts from before starting my body is more defined and my arms r getting bigger

    For this transformation my diet is
    Pre work out
    1-2 pieces of Eziekel bread with a tbs of pb2
    A couple pieces of turkey bacon
    Jetfuel t300 by GAC
    30g of whey protein
    3 OPTImen vitamins

    Post work out
    60g ISO whey protein
    4-5 egg whites
    3 slices of Turkey bacon
    Half cup of oat meal

    Snacks (between post work meal and lunch, and between lunch and dinner)
    Can of tuna
    Hand full of almonds
    Or a bag of quest nutrition protein chips (21g protein)

    4-6 oz of chicken breast
    Handful of cubed sweet potatoes
    Handful of baked veggies (asparagus, squash, zucchini, mushrooms)

    Snack and protein shake 30g whey

    4-6 oz pollock or salmon
    Handfull of rice or sweet potatoes
    Handfull of veggies

    30g of whey protein before bed

    Im aware and pumped to add more calories to bulk

    I've had test e and dbol sitting in the safe for a while and I was thinking about doing a 6-8 week strength building program before I cycled

    Thanks guys

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    Great job on losing the weight. How long have you been working out now?

    In all honesty I would say your not ready. Your still kinda young to cycle. Most people will say that. I cycled once when I was 21 and could def be one of the reasons I'm damn near low t range at 28 years old.

    Also you can put on more size naturally. At 5'10 170 you'll can easily put on a ton of muscle before considering cycling.

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    grillin chicken
    Great job on the nutation and fat loss.
    Leave the gear in the safe and get yourself up to 190 with less than 15% body fat and you might be ready for the gear.

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    this may not apply to you, but what I usually find when a thread starts off this way is that the person is either younger and wanting validation they are not too young, or have not spent much time in the gym/kitchen and wanting validation actual time spent is sufficient. I've also found quite often that when this question is asked, the answer is usually No.

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    Ya i was one of those guys early, but I feel as if I'm almost ready I've put in the work to cut this much which I'm kind of upset how much I've lost but I didn't necessarily lose my gains so I can't be too mad, it's really weird going from being a "bigger stronger" guy out of all friends to getting man handled when we would mess around and me being way skinnier than all of them now I just want to beef up and beef up BIG ....I've seen a lot of my friends do cycles and I've seen some blow up and deflate and I've seen others become monsters, I've kind of got both prospectives on what and what not to do from people I know, but knowledge and brains are just as important as big biceps so that's why I'm here getting more and as much knowledge as I can

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    I was here in 03/2013 as a noon and you guys told me I wasn't ready, I'm not against listening to you and letting my gear get closer to the expiration date ...I just want a little help getting HUGE

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    dont worry about the exp will last well past that. I'd say at 5'10" if you can't at least get to 185 and under 15% bf naturally, then using s t e r o i d s is going to do little for you. in that case it would be a diet and training issue.

    not saying that you can't, just saying shoot for that naturally first, then when you get a good diet and training regimen down to put on mass, you will get much much more out of c y c l i n g.

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