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Thread: For the beginners- tips & personal experiences

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    For the beginners- tips & personal experiences

    Guide for beginners


    Hello fellow jabbers and jabettes,

    For those who don't know me, my name is Haydenz and I've been a full time AAS user for just over a year now, ( feels like a AA meeting )
    I live in Australia and I am a physique competitor, I have been training for about 6/7 years total and take it quite seriously.

    Over the pasts year I have been on the forums and scouting and reading other websites on everything there is to know about AAS and the safe way on how to use them,
    Doing something like this takes great amount of responsibility and something I take seriously, We only have one body and its something that needs to be treated with respect.

    Everyday I reply to a lot of people on the forums with interesting questions about AAS and whats going on in there bodies, and I recently noticed there isnt really a " tips and tricks " guide to AAS on this forum,
    So with everything I have learnt over the past year and a half using I am here to give to you today, from the questions like injection tips to " HEY I HAVE A RED HOT LUMP ON MY ARSE WTF how do i fix this ?
    Everything that makes you shit yourself, its all going to explained to you here in one guide for everyone to read.

    -Compounds used

    I am going to give you a run down of compounds I have used and what my takes on them are, this is my personal experience.

    TEST E - This is were you start with any cycle as you know, test E is a compound I usually use for the base of my cuts and bulks, cutting on it is fine, just don't eat junk and you wont look like junk. Test E gives me a nice thick look with great strength.Kick in time,4 weeks for results.
    TEST P - Same as TEST E just with a shorter kick in time of about 2 weeks for results, PIP hurts like a bitch some times.
    EQ - This stuff gets a bad wrap for some bizarre reason, I use this during my bulk for more endurance, I can feel this working, I can sort of relate it to creatine in a way, when your on those last few reps and you think your going to not make it, I feel the EQ giving me that extra PUSH that I need.
    MASTERON - Pre comp compound, makes you nice and hard, I would only use this if you are trying to obtain a look for a special event or show, being low body fat % is a must!
    NPP - LOVE LOVE LOVE this compound, its related to deca but with a much shorter ester, I usually train with a tshirt on at the gym, but i remember taking it off 3 weeks into my NPP cycle at the gym, and it makes me look like test E thickness on crack!, at the end of my cycle I also lost body fat in a calorie surplus with this compound, I would relate it to a far weaker version on tren .
    ANAVAR - Stack it with test E for your second cycle at a lean bf% you are going to look sexy as hell, var gives me strength, hardness and also aids in fat loss. the only oral I will run.
    PROHORMONES - GARBAGE. If you enjoy destroying your liver and putting on 10kgs of water, go for it. This stuff is dangerous now, Stay away.

    -HCG AND AI in normal person terms

    Im going to pretty much breakdown in normal person terms what HCG and AI do and are.

    HCG pretty much tells your testicles to keep working, when on compounds they tend to shut us down and make our own natural test stop working, this is when HCG comes into play, it tells the brain to tell the testicles to keep going for example, Ill lay out a scenario for you.

    BRAIN " Ive been trying to get him to start producing his natual test but it just isnt working "
    TESTICLES " im just so shut down and tired"
    HCG " Ok testcles im here to get you motivated LETS GO"
    BRAIN " YAY FOR HCG !!!"

    Get the point guys? SO pretty much as your cycle comes to an end your nuts will already be working and getting them back into full swing wont take that long.


    I learnt the hard way with this, I didnt run an AI in my first cycle so all the sides beside GYNO I got,

    An AI keeps your estrogen suppressed while on cycle, when your test is super high your estro feels to catch up with it but having HIGH estro brings in a tone of sides.

    How do you know if you have high estro, EASY two things I look out for

    -Puffy watery face, if this is something you have you should first get your blood pressure checked, if its UP its time to increase your AI dose.
    -Also the one thing that truly shows how your estro and test balance is going, your wang, thats right your little rocket, if you suffer from bad erections on cycle plus feeling depressed or sad., get your BP checked, if your erections are raging and you feel like a boss ! welldone you have a great balance of test and estro! thats the easiest way to put it.

    -Being prepared and what to buy for your injections.

    This is a super important point, there is NO POINT starting a cycle without having everything you need, its going to suck half way through if you run out of something, so you will need

    -Bacterial wipes
    -25g 1 inch pins for injecting.
    -19g pins for drawing.
    -Insulin syringes
    -Empty vial for HCG

    -Staying clean

    BACTERIAL WIPE EVERYTHING ! and make sure you wash your hands before doing anything in regards to injecting, its always better to be safe than sorry.

    -How to inject properly,Injection tips.

    This is what I have learnt over the passed year and a bit about injecting yourself,

    -Inject slowly, Why? you ask, because going fast makes absolutly NO sence what so ever, stabbing yourself with a needle just doesnt sound right?

    -what if you hit a nerve? What I do is I take the needle out Half way of what I injected and slowly move it a cm or so to the left or right and proceed again, you should avoid it this way.
    -What does hitting a veing feel like? You will get a uncomfortable twitch in your muscle with a pressure type pain.
    -what if you hit a vain? same tecnique as the nerve.
    -What does it feel like hitting a vain? A light stinging pain.
    -How do I know that I have hit the muscle? Before you inject flex the area you are going to inject, if its hard guess what ITS A MUSCLE! relax the area and proceed slowly. When injecting you will lightly feel the needle going through the layers of skin when it hits the muscle the needle will go in like a hot knife through butter.
    -Inject your quads if your injecting youself, the reason is its a HUGE muscle group and we use our legs all the time, so getting the oil disperesed and into our blood stream is pretty damn easy. also having everything in front of you is far easier than trying to jab your glute.
    -When injecting Hold your syringe in your main hand, with the other, spread apart the skin you are going to pearce, you do this because it makes the skin tight and the injection painless and easier to penetrate.
    -OK all the oils in, NOW WHAT? leave the needle in for 30/40 seconds, this will give the oil enough time to move away from the needle, so when you remove it you wont get oil coming back through the skin.
    -Do I rub the injection site? Personally no, I have just injected something forein into my body, Im sure irrtating the hell out of it is somthing my body doesnt want.

    -What happens on a bad injection and how to get antibiotics?

    This is a great topic and I read it all the time, so a bad injection will lead to a:
    -Hot lump
    -A lump in general
    -Red area around injection site.
    This is usually caused by two things:

    1. You didnt inject deep enough into the muscle
    2. You didnt hold the needle in and the oil has come back up and the skin is now irritated.

    So there are two types on infections in my eyes.

    1. The little red marks around the injection site that you REALLY dont need anytibiotics for, time will heal it.
    2. The HUGE GOLF ball mother fuc$ers that hurt like hell, if this is your case, its off to the doctors!

    NOW we all know AAS are illegal and we cant really tell the doctor " HEY SO I JABBED TEST E IN MY LEG AND NOW I HAVE THIS INFECTION? ", this is my trick, I tell the doctor I have a pimple on my leg and I popped it with a pin, the pin obviously wasnt sterile and caused a infection, works every time, and she will hand over the right antibiotics for you to mend on.

    Last but not least ! What happens when things kick in and what to look for.

    You have done everything perfect upto this point and now its the waiting game, but a few things are happening in the mean time that are scaring you, I will outline, what I call the HORMONEL shift before the compounds kick in !

    The body is now trying to deal with all the fun stuff you have injected into it, and its trying to find a medium on how to function, so while the body is trying to figure this out, a few things MIGHT happen to you.

    1. You start sweating like a beast for no real reason.
    2. You're heart rate is faster than normal
    3. You break out in pimples.
    4. You're apetite kicks in
    5. You seem a tad more aggressive
    6. You feel tired, must more than usual

    If any of these are happening, relax itll pass, its your body telling you its just trying to speed itself up to compensate for all the stuff youve put in it.
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    Thanks for taking the time to post this!
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    Great post for the new guys, good job at dumbing things down for some people that can't comprehend things as well.
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    Thanks brother

    Good read, will read again.

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    Awesome post mate,stuff that every beginner like me must read.

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    Dafuq is that eat junk-look like junk stuff?
    I've heard that supposedly there are people that bloat on test because of aldosterone even when estrogen is low and can only control their water retention with diet. Is that what it is about?
    Because I have no difference in water retention or bodyfat gain if I eat rice and wholewheat pasta or cookies and chips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfarre View Post
    Dafuq is that eat junk-look like junk stuff?
    I've heard that supposedly there are people that bloat on test because of aldosterone even when estrogen is low and can only control their water retention with diet. Is that what it is about?
    Because I have no difference in water retention or bodyfat gain if I eat rice and wholewheat pasta or cookies and chips.
    Look at he macro nutrient break down of both

    Basmati rice
    A cookie

    It's all about how the body breaks it all down.

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