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    My ECA stack is giving me the same effects as when I smoke weed

    It's hard to explain. Yesterday my EC stack gave me weird sensations in the ankles, hands and teeth. The same physical sensations I get from smoking THC. It's all bro science, but I've theorized that this is because my caloric intake was reduced pretty quickly. In fact, I went from a TDEE+500 bulk to a TDEE-500 cut. If my bro science is correct, it's because the rapid reduction in caloric intake has affected my leptin hormone production, which in turn has increased the effects of the endocannabinoids (THC-like substances) in my brain (which leptin counters).

    Anyone, has this ever been experienced by anyone? I just took my first dose today and haven't experienced the same thing yet.

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    Wow!! so you can get stoned for much cheaper and without THC sides?
    Anyways, Ephedrine has been replaced by pseudoephedrine because of the neuronal stimulation, that's whats Wikipedia tells. I don't really know what its all about, but its possible that ephedrine makes you high in some sort of way.

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