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Thread: How long do I have to be off for?

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    How long do I have to be off for?

    My last injection for my first cycle of testosterone enanthate at 500mg per week (last 4 weeks, 600mg per week). I am currently in the last week of PCT taking only nolvadex (40/40/20/20). Of course I loved it. I got awesome results for the most part.

    After my cycle I waited three full weeks before I started taking nolvadex (done pursuant to an article I read on the main site). On cycle I did not take HCG . My balls came back to size after about 2 days of using nolvadex.

    Last week of cycle I had a blood test. Blood pressure was great, test was really high, livers enzymes were slighly elevated (stupid me, was not taking a liver protectant, but have since started)

    Strength wise, I haven't lost any and other than w1+w2 my stamina in the gym is the same. I've lost a bit of weight but I've been eating slightly less. Was pretty tired week1 and week 2 of PCT (like how I felt about w2 and w3 of test e), but that's completely gone.

    How long before I can cycle again? I get conflicting results when I do a search. Some say time on=time off, but there is always a contradiction as to whether you include PCT time in the time off.
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    Cycle + pct time = time off
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