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Thread: Please critique cycle

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    Please critique cycle

    Hi all,

    Could you please provide feedback and opinions on my planned cycle.

    Stats - 25y/o, 90kg, 11%, training 5+ years and this will be my third cycle.

    1-2 - T-Bol at 100mg ED ( I could do 50mg for 4 weeks if this would be better?)
    1-17 - Test E at 400mg per week
    1-15 - Deca at 600mg per week

    4-17 - Adex .5mg EOD
    4-15 - Prami .5mg EOD (I know dosing for this is off but they're caps so I can't split them)

    500iu HCG - ED for 10 days leading up to PCT
    1-4 - Nolva 40/40/20/20
    1-4 Aromasin - 25mg ED

    Fairly basic cycle, but I would l would also like some suggestions for the following.

    I have about 30 tabs x 25mcg and 25 tabs x 50mg Var - Should I chuck them in at the end of the cycle for a couple weeks? Is it even worth using it?

    Thanks for the help everyone !

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    Sorry but I don't think your ready for that based on what you wrote! Not to be harsh but you brad to do more research brother...

    1. Long cycle much harder to recover!
    2. HCG is used on cycle not at end on a blast or in a proper PCT!
    3.clomid and Nolva are the SERMs used for PCT, not just Nolva, they wirk synergisticly with each other
    4. Prami is run Ed not eod
    5.forget about the pills

    Check this out it'll make things more clear and its a simple test cycle...
    AUSTINITES MY FIRST CYCLE: planning and executing a first successful cycle!

    Stats look good!

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    I would like to add that your AI and PA should be taken from the start, no AI during pct.
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    Listen to the advice given to you.

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    Ive got to agree, you have things a little confused of what goes where, how much and how long.

    Start by reading here and see if you can figure out what is wrong.

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