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    AAS, hgh, and bloat.

    I just want to say that in my time working out and cycling I have bloated up on nearly any and every steroid I have run. With some of the best sources (don't ask me how I know they're good, they just are) I retained water. Hgh makes me retain water even at ridiculously low dosages, and after plenty of anavar usage, I am positive I retain water when I am on it. When I come off of these things is always when I look my best. I am just posting this because i see TONS of "hgh shouldn't do that to you at that dose" or "anavar is not known to cause bloat, it must be fake." It is so misleading. everyone is different and everyone's bodies are different and react differently to these compounds. When you mess with your hormone levels, you can potentially retain water. It is that simple. So people need to stop misleading others by telling them something is fake because they're bloated.

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    This is true .......that's why i like to always end with "everyone is different " or " that's been my experience".

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