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    DECA I need opinions from experience

    So I had my 3rd shot 4-5 days ago.

    Test Cyp - 200mg weekly
    DECA - 200mg weekly

    So this has been in my system now for 17 days and I already feel stronger. All my weights have crept up eh around 10-15 pounds depending on the exercise but it's not just that.

    I look bulkier and thicker. I totally understand it may be impossible but I take pix often and my arms have just gotten thicker even if it's just a bit.

    I do have a revamped routine to hit both heads and I do a lot of stuff but it's like I get to the weights and I'm like roooooarr bitch weight. I know some say DECA is weak but whatever it seems to be doing something and far faster then I expected. I am also not taking a huge dose but 400mg total per week with the 2 things is far more then the 300 ever other week I was taking of just Test Cyp. 300mg vs 800mg every 2 weeks seems like a big jump, small dose or not. Can't imagine if I was hitting 400mg of each a week but I'm not looking to go that high ever.

    I have not gained any weight yet. Been good on diet except Saturday but too bad I had like 15 cod nuggets and a little pizza.

    I cannot workout my legs this week unless I do it tomorrow, I have 13.1 miles to run Saturday arghhhhhh

    NOTE: I have been taking MuscleTech Clear Muscle for about 4 months maybe 3. Not kidding if anything it has made my muscle far harder then they ever have been ever. Some claim it's not new but it is a new form of known supplements. Whether you have an opinion or not my experience has been pretty good with them.
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    I would do a minimum of 300mg EW of Deca . You won't notice much for 4-6 weeks. Make sure you have a clean diet. No booze, soda, diet soda, process meets, desserts and gravy. Daily morning cardio is mandatory if you want to see any body comp changes. Monitor your prolactin and take Caber or Prami. Add a DHT compound like Anavar , Wintrol etc. to lean you out.

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    Same as i ran deca at 300 per week and had good gains i was eating like 7 times a day though and it seems to help with my joint pain too

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    Good luck on your half mara, take some taurine nad plenty of bananas before it

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    200mgs of deca seems way to low. I'm on 900mgs a week now and would recommend 400 as a typical dose
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    Quote Originally Posted by PT View Post
    200mgs of deca seems way to low. I'm on 900mgs a week now and would recommend 400 as a typical dose
    Agree. 4-600 per week minimum for any BB'ing gains. 200 is really a medicinal dose.
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    I already have my Winstrol for the end of my cycle. I was considering upping my dose but I was not to much looking to raise my Test dose because it's covered under insurance and I'm not looking to buy another brand.

    Is it not a huge deal to say bump the DECA at week 4-5?

    I never read anything about morning cardio being mandatory or needed but I do run just not in the morning. I was hoping to not pay attention to my prolactin with a smaller dose and I have been on AI forever. I am reading that the AI will not do squat for prolactin though.

    I don't drink anything but water and scivation extend. I've run many many 1/2s but they are always a pain.

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