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Thread: Hcg question

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    Hcg question

    Alright im getting ready to start my second test e cycle. I plan on pinning 250 twice a week. Adex .25 e3d. My wife and i are trying to get pregnant so i was thinking of adding in hcg at lowest dose possible. My first cycle i ran it at 250 iu twice a week and it shit my e2 through the roof and made it harder to dial e2 in. Any advice would be greatly appreicAted. Also was thinking of front loading the first week since its a long ester i was hoping this will help kick in gains faster. Does That make sense?

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    Still run it at 250iu throughout or MON WED FRI at 250iu... It aromatizes, so make sure you take your AI throughout the entire cycle and pull bloods at the 6 wk mark and see what adjustments need making!

    People have gotten their significant others Prego's on cycle but know this your chances go way down b/c your LH/FSH bottom out... so in a perfect world off cycle... Or run both HCG (mimicks LH) and HMG(mimicks FSH) so youve got best of both worlds but HMG is harder to find...

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