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    Question Shelf life of cypionate and masteron

    Im 19 years old and really want to take steriods but i guess I'm to indecisive about it. I have 2 vials of masteron and 2 vials of cypionate , clomid and gonakor. I obviously paid for these already and don't want to lose out on the money. Does anyone know how long they will last me? and when is the earliest you recommend i take them

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    There should be an expiration date. I would say a year past that. I have seen it used even longer though but it will start losing potency
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    If your worried about them going bad just sell/give them to a friend. If you store them properly they should be good well past their expiration date. Stored Ina place that's not going to get too hot or cold. In a draw or closet.

    A first cycle should be a test only cycle. You want to introduce a new compound one at a time so you know how exactly that compound effects your body. The recommended age to start cycling is 25+ because the HPTA doesn't mature until your 25. There's some serious consequences from cycling before that time. For one it could cause your dick to stop working. That alone would do it for me lol

    AAS isn't a magical drug. If your diet isn't in check then your not going to see the results that you want. You should head over to the nutrition forum and post up what you eat in a day to have it critiqued. Even if you think your diet is on point, it still wouldn't hurt to have the piece of mind

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