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    Winstrol and Dianabol stack?

    I'm new to this site but have a quick question for any experienced bodybuilders. I am a heavier set guy that mainly does powerlifting.

    Last summer I tore my pec rep ping out 355 on bench press 5x3 after healing I did a cycle of dianabol to gain more strength back and also for other lifts. My bench increased from struggling, rep ping 300 to maxing out at 385 at the end of the cycle. Squats increased from 545 to 600. And push jerk from 275 to 335.

    I was taking 3, 25 MG tablets of dianabol an hour before my workout for a total of 75 mg.

    For this summer I was looking to cut some weight by doing more reps and sets at less weight to slim down and increase my endurance. I purchased winstrol or "winny" to help increase vascualrity and create a more cut/lean look.

    My question is,has anyone else ever stacked these two oral together? And if so how many miligrams of each should I take of each and will it show an increase in my muscular looks. I'm not a competitor in power lifting nor body building I am just trying to make my body look better. Thanks everyone for advice.

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    Do not stack those together if you like your liver. Both are quite liver toxic.

    Also you have some reading to do as oral only cycles are not recommended, especially without proper support compounds and pct. (none mentioned at least)

    What side effects did you experience with the dbol ?

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