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    Are Ai's worth it??

    Hey guys. I know this is gonna sound like a dumb question to most people here but are AI's/Arimidex worth it on only 150mg/wk of Cypionate for 10 wks. I'm 35 yrs old 5'11'' 240 with majority of the weight being belly fat. I haven't worked out up until a couple wks ago and before that I didn't work out since 2008 for several irrelevant reasons. I've gone to Dr's. to try to get on trt but I've been turned down by them. I still feel that I have all the symptoms of Low-T. I have no energy, sluggish, belly fat, poor sleep etc. I am, however, deathly afraid of gyno and would like any feedback on whether or not I could get away with a 150mg/wk cycle (or 300mg/wk even better) without using any AI's because I simply don't know where to get them and I'm also extremely short on cash right now. If it makes a difference, I started lifting when I was 15 yrs old thru age 28 so I have some knowledge on how to train natty but I've only cycled D-bol once and Omadren once in my early 20's so I'm practically still a beginner when it comes to using gear. If 150mg to 300mg of Cyp per week is low enough to forgo any aromatase inhibitors that would be great. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    An AI is worth it if you have your blood work done and your E2 is elevated. Everyone is different so telling you that you should or should not is a guess. At 150 mgs a week I would say that it's "probably" not ......depends on how e2 sensitive you are. At 125 mgs a week I don't, at 250 mgs a week (cruising) I take adex at .25 mgs twice a week but that's me.

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    Find a better doctor or maybe take a look at - $199 All-Included Testosterone Treatment
    Know that the aromatase enzyme (what turns T to E) lives in the skin and has a propensity for belly fat. Meaning the more abdominal fat you carry the more potential for turning T to E, thus the need for an AI.
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