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Thread: Looking for advice on loosing weight fast!

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    Looking for advice on loosing weight fast!


    I'm 28, 6'2 250Lbs I'm close if not over 30% BF... I've done 2 cycles in the past, they where test only cycle when I was 22 and 23. When I finished my 2nd cycle I was 230 Lbs 10% BF.

    So now that I had twin boys and got fat cauz I was so busy, I need to get back to 15 to 17% body fat by November for Mexico trip. I've been going to the gym since the beginning of the year but I am not losing much weight I lost 10 Lbs since January (I haven't been eating correctly though and will soon)

    So I have done research and I'm thinking;
    low test E to keep my testosterone lvl normal trt I think is the term
    HCG (still need more research on this)


    Not sure if these are worth it;
    Forma stanzol

    Now ya I got a list of things, but I don't know what kind of dosage I need and when to start what. Also don't know if the stuff I got up there on my list are correct, if I need to add something or take out something.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    What I use to look like and what I look like now

    Looking for advice on loosing weight fast!-forumrunner_20150523_113605.jpg

    Looking for advice on loosing weight fast!-forumrunner_20150523_113650.jpg

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    Getting madcow treatments
    AM cardio and clean diet should do it.
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