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Thread: Why use proviron

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    Why use proviron

    Some people I know say they use proviron during cycle to keep and maintain testosterone production look hard and dry during the cycle. I know that does not help to maintain natty production, only hcg helps not shut down. Proviron can be replace an AI? Lowers levels e2? Actually reduces water retention duramte cycle? I know other people who use proviron during pct for libido. When use proviron? What is it and why is it used?

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    Proviron is a DHT derivative. Due to being a DHT derivative it has a antiestrogenic effect. Proviron isn't used much anymore because aromatase inhibitors are much more effective. Don't use it in place of an AI. The major benefits of proviron are vascularity and libido.
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    Proviron is DHT.

    It cannot replace an AI, it doesnt lower e2 levels. By increasing the the DHT levels, it makes the DHT/e2 ratio more favourable to low water retention.
    Some people respond to high DHT with better libido, some don't. Of course if your are prone to male baldeness pattern, high DHT will speed up the process. Also acne can appear with high DHT, again this is different from person to person.

    When to use proviron? Maybe if you are competing it can help to give a harder look by reducing water retention, other than that I dont know why you would want high DHT imo.
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