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    Critque This

    I am going to do a pre spring break cycle what you guys think of this. any suggestions would be banging.
    weeks 1-4 dbol at 35 mg
    weeks 1-10 eq at 600 mg
    weeks 2-7 t200 at 400 mg
    weeks 7-10 winny at 100mg ed
    weeks 8.5-10 clen 2,3,4,5,6,6,6,6,6,6
    then clomid 300mg 1 week after last eq shot.
    1 last ?: I want to get cut up, should i eliminate the t200 during weeks 2-7 and save it for later use or it really wont matter.

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    Cycle looks very nice..I would get more T200 and run it for 8 weeks minimum at 400-600mg/week...They are very cheap so another bottle should not be that hard to get. Good luck!


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    id switch the test to at least 600mgs per week mid cycle. as long as you watch your diet you wont get fat, and there are ways to cut the water retention down, like liquidex or arimidex . i'd run the t200 for 10 weeks also. test is the base to all of my cycles. otherwise it looks pretty good bro.

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