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    Not knowing a lot, and reading a lot of conflicting cycles etc, i've taken advice off someone who ( i think ) knows his stuff ) been involved in bodybuilding and supplements for years and years
    i'm taking

    per week / pinning once
    1ml test
    1ml tren
    1ml primo
    then 50mcg anavar on training days

    just really after opinions etc

    been involved in training for years and years just never decided to use steroids before, and now i've decided it's something i want to do, also i'm 37

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    Read the sticky planning and executing my first successful cycle. It lays everything out for you

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    If its your first cycle it should be test only, which is the base for all cycles. You should know how you tolerate exogenous testosterone well before adding further compounds.
    Also ml means nothing without the concentration of the oil.

    If its the 1st cycle just follow the Sucessfull first cycle sticky.

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    Don't listen to your expert, he's going to hurt you. Read this

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