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Thread: Andropen 275 and deca 50mg

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    Andropen 275 and deca 50mg

    So this is my fourth cycle, I'm 25, 95kg, 185cm. My previous cycle was 16 weeks, sustanone, deca and tren (tren and deca at different times). Before that I did sustanone and boldenone for 12 weeks.

    So the bodybuilder I took the juice from now says I need to up the dosage. On my last cycle i did 3ml of sust and tren and it did me just fine. But now he insists i take 1,5ml of sust and 2ml of deca every other day, which is about 1200mg of sust and 300mg of deca every week.

    I don't have much knowledge about these things, but I've read people using these dosages. So my question is do you think it's too high for a 4th cycle and for my stats, should I decrease the doses?

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    The high dose of sus doesnt seem necessary at all.

    The deca seems fine at 300mg per week, i personaly think thats to little, i wouldnt run deca anything less than 500mg per week.

    Your deca at 50mg/ml is pretty weak i would source a higher concentrate, try to find 200mg/ml

    How long have you had off inbetween all of your cycles?
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    So, your dealer says you should take more and more, which means you have to buy more, which means he makes more money? Hmmmm, golden rule - never take cycling advice from your dealer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Back In Black View Post

    Hmmmm, golden rule - never take cycling advice from your dealer.

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