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    If you are injection 1ml every 5 days of 250mg/ml how much are you getting per week?

    My brain can't work at the moment to calculate. It should be around 285mg or something per week right? Thanks. Is that correct?

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    EDIT: overlooked the fact the pin day #1 has 250mg and day #5 also has 250mg, so day #10 has another 250mg, and day #15 would have the fourth pin of 250mg, hence 4 x 250mg = 1g of test in a 15day total and thus 1000mg / 15days * 7days = 466mg in a 7 day period... however it goes lil different over time, read on:

    day #20 would have #5 pin of 250, day #25 would have #6 pin of 250, day #30 = pin #7, day 35 = pin #8, day #40 = pin #9, so if you sum up and get the average per 7 days decreases in a time, etc 9pins(e5d) * 250mg = 2250mg , now lets get daily number of this total 2250mg test split per day and it is 2000/40=50 50*7=393.75mg e7d ... and so it goes the longer the cycle the lesser amount per 7 days you get when pinning every 5 days

    ofc you should get more scientific to be precise, as if measured exactly per each day, on a day #1 you have 250mg, on a day #2 you have 125mg, on day #3 ~62.5mg , day #4 ~31.25mg day #5 (depends if its early or late) +- ~15.6mg of your day #5 250mg pin ... just counting with sleepy brain, im sure I am more wrong then right, hence I believe every 3 or 3.5days pining is optimal to keep test levels stable
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    I think 3 logs and a rabbit.

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