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    Test E Tren Ace PCT Help

    My stats are

    200 Pounds

    I am currently in 3rd week of my 10 week Test E (250mg EW) and Tren A (100mg EOD) cycle. I am currently taking Armidex at 1mg EOD.

    Do you think increasing Test E to 500 mg will be beneficial? Can someone please suggest some advice on this cycle and its PCT? And also, what's the maximum dosage of Tren Ace one person can take without ****ing up his system?

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    Whats the rest of your stats?

    Why the 1mg adex?

    With tren less is more IMO, I would stay at that dosage for this cycle, tren reveals the side effects the more time you stay on, if you manage to stay 10 weeks on tren at that dosage I would say your quite tolerant, probably by week 6-7 you will be sick of it lol.

    Run test 2 weeks more than tren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sidkek
    And also, what's the maximum dosage of Tren Ace one person can take without ****ing up his system?
    You are 21 years old, any amount of AAS can **** up your HPTA.
    AAS are more dangerous to young people because their HPTA is still developing.
    Think of it this way, your HPTA now will have about 6 months fewer in which to grow to its full potential.

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    You don't need to just worry about PCT either right now while your on you need a Dopamine caber or prami since your using Tren . But you've got other concerns as well as because since your doing a low dose of test with the tren that 1mg adex is high IMO and id be surprised if you haven't crashed your E2.

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