So my last run was
Dbol 20mg 8wks
Deca 300 10wks
Test E 600mg 10wks
I staggered this cycle to go 12wks at least.

Got good gains and towards the end had great definition.

So my next run I want to do
Anadrol 50
Sustanon 700mg wk
How can I cut up after running this without getting a rash of acne on my shoulders and back. I'm asking because the last cycle, I was fine up until I finished, waited 2 weeks and took a shot of test prop to cut up and I got the rash of acne. So I stopped. Wasn't horrible, but would have gotten worse if I continued. This has happened before. Seems like I do great all the way through then when I add something different to cut or harden my gains, I get the rash. Where am I goin wrong. Like I said I can run a stack all the way through no prob. When I start something else this happens