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    Winstrol and Tbol cycle tips?

    Thinking about doing a 20mg winstrol and 20mg Tbol cycle for 4 weeks. Before you tell me that this is a shit cycle and that I need test, I can't get test right now. I have a very limited supply so this is one of the better options i have. I have also heard of people getting good results from a Wonstrol, Tbol cycle.

    Anyhow, I'm not sure what to use as a PCT for this cycle, any tips?

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    It's best to wait until you have Test. Why? The main reason is that both those orals are going to throw your endogenous Test off kilter and you'll need exo Test to balance you out. Second, I've found that I can keep more gains if I run orals + Test. Either way, those orals are hard on the liver so make sure you have some DAC on hand for liver support.

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    Using any AAS at 18 years old is a very very bad idea.

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