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Thread: First cycle

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    First cycle

    Interested how the community thinks of this for a first cycle. I'm 5'5, 160, low bf, diet in check, training for 4.5 yrs. Looking for tips to critique and perfect my first cycle, not looking for people to try and convince me out of it. Thanks.
    Day 1-70: 500mg every week
    Day 1-87: .25mg Arimidex every other day
    Day 88: 300mg Clomid
    Day 88-94: 40mg Nolvadex every day
    Day 89-98: 100mg Clomid every day
    Day 95-108: 20mg Nolvadex every day
    Day 99-108: 50mg Clomid every day
    5000mg Test C
    1800mg Clomid
    560mg Nolvadex
    11mg Arimidex

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    Wrong section broNeed to know your BF%

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