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    Is Alcohol a factor?

    I originaly was going to take Anadrol untill i heard many bad things about it as my first cycle, and now i am thinking of Weeks 1-4: 40 mg D-Bol Daily
    Weeks 1-10: 400 mg Test Enanthate

    Start clomid 2 weeks after last injection... 300 mg first day, 100 mg next ten days, 50 mg last 10 days.

    my two big questions is (1) can i drink alcohol without ruining the cycle, and what will it do. (2) can i maintain this without doing another cycle?

    I am 6' 2" 250lbs right now, because of already having some size, do i have to take a full cycle to see a difference and to get cut or can half a cycle do it? thanks for any replies!

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    1. i wouldnt drink too much alcohol, actually when i cycle, thje most alcohol i have is 1 beer on friday when we play pool. also get 8 hrs of sleep a night. i think that alcohol inhibits gains if im not correct !

    2. if u wanna get cut this cycle is not gonna help u in anyway lol ! especially with 40 mgs of d-bol ed ? that will water u down like a beach ball. u should take 25 mg of proviron everyday to keep the water rention low.

    3. half a cycle with test enth is almost useless, since around week 5 (half-way mark) the test enth starts to kick in, since it is one of the slowest acting testosterones. if u want to cut ur cycle short, i would use 100 mg/s of test suspension everyday for 6 weeks (well i wouldnt do this but if u r in a rush). but i dont reccomend this to the begginer !

    bottom line i think if u wanna cut then cut, do something like clen /t3/winny/tren , if u wanna bulk then use the cycle u have laid down, throw in soem anti-es and bulk !

    regards !

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