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    23 and ready to start, but need help.

    I am 23 and have been working out seriously since I was 18. I am at a plateau and seem to be going nowhere. I have switched my workouts and intensified them but still no luck. My main goal is to not get much bigger but to tone up and get firmer. My diet is good in terms of protein and carb rotation. I do 45mins of cardio 6 days a week. What cycle can i take to tighten up but not add too much mass? Please help.

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    Sounds like you dont need anything to reach your goals. Maybe some Clen /NYCorECA would do it.

    But..if you must a simple 50mgProp+50mgTren ED for 6-10wks would be good.

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    I agree with billy. No AAS are really that necessary. But education on these matters is not only fun but very helpfull. Who knows what the future holds? My suggestion is that you start with the drug profiles on the mainpage and then read the educational forums. having done this I am positive that you will have more options than you ever dreamed possible. Good luck to you and keep up your hard work.

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    I think ECA (ephedrine, caffiene, aspirin) would be best. Its totally legal, it speeds up your metabolism (cutting), it can get you mentally fired up for your workouts (intensity), and it has helped me do longer workouts (volume). Also, it is slightly anti-catabolic, meaning it helps your body not break down muscle when it needs energy. If you are just trying to break though a plateau the extra intensity/volume in your training will help. (as long as you don't over train). ECA does have some sides, especially if you overdose. But for me the sides have been limited to dry mouth, and a bit of insomnia if I take it too late in the day. Some people claim clenbuterol is better, and it may be, but ECA works and it is legal, which saves trying to find a "source."

    You do get used to it though. Rather than up the doses it is best to stop using for a week or two. Some people take Clen for 2 weeks then ECA for 2 weeks so they don't get used to either.

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