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Thread: Steroid Dieting

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    Steroid Dieting

    I was reading a few articles on a diff. website and i cam across a cutting diet which advocates using EXTREMELY low calories along with AS (Tren , Test) of course to stop muscle loss. For example a 200 lb guy would eat 300 grams of Protein, 50 Grams of Carbs (Post WO), and 45 grams of fat. Does this sound like a good idea to prevent muscle loss while dieting? What do ya'll do for diet?


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    Just finished fina/prop and I took in around 4000 cals a day about 300g of protein carbs and fat fluxuated day to day and I've leaned out alot. It just depends on how much cals you burn a day. If you burn more cals than you take in then you;ll probably lose some muscle size b/c there is nothing feeding them. just try to burn close to the same amoutn of cals yuo take in within 500 cals.

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