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    Thinking About Cutting

    Alright bros, I kno im jumping the gun a little but im already thinking my next cycle out. Currently im On
    1-4 Dbol30mg
    1-10 500mg EQ
    1-10 400mg Test Enan
    1-10 Test prop 75mg EOD
    Well while im only 6 weeks in and my gains have been great i still am thinking bout that next cycle. I was thinking along the lines of this.
    1-8 75mg Fina EOD
    1-8 50mg Test Prop ED
    1-8 50mg Winny ED
    But to run the winny i will need 2 bottles and dont know if i want to fork out and extra $130 for 20ml 50mg. But if i have to have to. What u guys think?

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    Looks good


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    If I'm not mistaken, 6 weeks is what most run Winny or Tren for. I'd bump the prop to 500mg/week split over 5 shots during the week. I'd like to hear more thoughts about running Winny or Tren longer than 6 weeks, as I was thinking of running a 14 week cycle in the fall that includes tren.

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