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Thread: Piramidal cycles vs lineal cycles

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    Piramidal cycles vs lineal cycles

    Hi guys, I've been reading a bit about pyrimidal cycles, it's old school and of course also works quite well, thing is, what is the logic behind it and why was left behind and substitude by lineal cycles? I've read pyrimiding your cycle help fight homeseosis of the body -and avoid flatting your gains.. Which makes sense, it also makes sense that it would make recovery easier since there's less steroids on the body, I guess this would depend on how shut down the person is... I don't think it would me of much help if the person has been in a very strong long cycle, since the person endogenous t production. it's probably totally shut down, not just suppressed, it order to stop the negative feed back, 2 weeks til pct won't be enough to midly restore t production, and also your coming off with short acting roids, that would also keep activating the negative feed back...

    Some bro science will be very much welcome here...

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    I've only done linear cycles and it's worked great. I'd be curious to hear from the vets on the pyramid cycle.

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    Pryamiding is pointless. Yes, it is old school philosophy when hormones weren't as understood. They basically thought it was easier to ramp up and then when coming down their endogenous production would slowly begin again. Wrong on both counts. Imagine how difficult it would be trying to maintain a relatively steady estrogen level while doing this?
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