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    Is Clen Safe year round

    I was just wondering if clenbutoral was safe to take year round (2 weeks clen , 2 weeks xenadrine)

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    even with the two week break i would think the body would get accustomed to that all year long which would make it not effective, so why bother.

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    If you want to run clen for longer period of time than I would use Ketotifen with the clen. The only downside of Keto is that it will make you sleepy until you build a tolerence for it.

    Here's a post that has great info on ketotifen and clen:

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    IMO- This would not be a good idea, You need to give your CNS a break every once in ahwile

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    NO....There is no legitimate reason to run run clen year round..It is too much stress on your body and the benefits will soon be outweighed by the side effects you will experience..Even with the OTC fat burners you should give your body a break and let it return to a state of normal function..

    Doc M

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