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Thread: first cycle

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    first cycle

    i am 150lbs 5'8 and eating 3000 cal a day.i will be running 1-10 300deca and 1-10 400test en.and clomid at the end at 1day 300,2-10 100,and 11-21 50.does this sound good and if so how much do you think i will gain.this is my first

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    3000 cals is not enough, u need 225 g of protein ed and 450 grams of carbs ed, i got these numbers using 1.5 p/ lb and 3 grams of carbs/ lb

    protein = 225
    carbs = 450
    fat = 50 - 75 (all from omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseed oil)

    total cals = 3,400, this is what u need everyday think u should push for 250 protein, 500 carbs and 50 fat to make 3,500 cals. otherwise ur cycle looks good ! throw in 1.25 gallow of water ed, 6 liters ! and ull be fine !

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    Bro, I think you should write down everything you eat, because if you were eating 3000 calories you'd weigh more then 150lbs. Write it all down so you'll know for sure. If 3000 keeps you at 150 you'll need 5000 to gain weight.


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