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    Test/D-Bol -vs- Test/EQ

    Just a quick question guys... Can somebody please tell me what the differences would be between a Test/D-Bol cycle and a Test/EQ cycle... I am trying to decide which one to choose as a first cycle and have heard good things about both choices, just a little confused as to how the results will differ... Thanks for the help guys!

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    Imo, a test/eq cycle is the better choice. You will put on a good amount of lean muscle mass with that cycle.

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    It depends on what your goals are. You will find that the d-bol will put on the mass quickly, so you could use it during the first 4 weeks of your cycle while you wait for the test ester to kick in (assuming you are using a long acting test ester). The EQ will provide more slow but quality gains, increased hunger and increased vascularity. You would need to run the EQ for a longer duration than the d-bol, preferrably 10+weeks (just a suggestion). D-bol will give more estrogenic and androgenic sides than the EQ so if you are prone to these be sure you have proper meds to counter sides. You could even run all three if you wanted. Just be sure not to run the d-bol > 4-5 weeks to avoid the nasty sides.

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