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Thread: when to shoot ?

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    when to shoot ?

    i just bought a fina/prop cycle and wanted to know if i was to shoot it maybe like a couple hours before i hit the gym if it would give me more of a kick while im there? and if not, is there another time frame that would be best for shooting gear ?

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    Possibly a slight one. I usually shoot 2hrs before I workout. Not for that reason, but just usually is the convienent time for mek, which is what I woudl recomend.

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    If not a real "kick"...the mental kick could be enough. Try it and convince yourself it will working out the muscle after shooting has eased soreness the days after in my experiences.

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    if its prop i would should 10 hrs before ur workou cause by then u will have a good amount in ur system, actually prop injection timing imho can really help. if u workout everyday at 5:00 pm then inject prop everday at 4:00 pm and see what happens! i think prop peaks around the 24 hr mark, but in ur case i would do it like this. if u workout at 5:00 pm everyday shoot at 7 - 8 am in morning or better yet, if u workout in morning then shoot the night before and u will feel real ready when u wake-up ! hope this helps !

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    I'm not sure about when it peaks and al but I find it convenient to inject in the morning right out of the shower. The skin is loose and the muscles are realxed. I've been doing this with no problems and very little soreness for a long time now.

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