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Thread: Expiration label

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    Expiration label

    I want to stock up since I have a good place to get steroids . But the expiration date says the end of this year. I will not be able to use that much in that time line. I was wanting to actually keep the bottles for years. Is this possible? Do the expiration labels really matter that much? Fridge, Freezer, none of those?

    What to do?

    Thanks Bros

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    Drugs are fine to take years after their expiration date.

    The FDA did a study for the army who faced replacing huge stockpiles of expired drugs every few years.

    The FDA study came to the conclusion that of the 100 prescription and over the counter drugs tested 90% were perfectly fine to take 15 years after the expiration date.

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    numbere is rigth

    Back in the days i remember i used dbol which had expired years ago.

    Worked fine.

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    For injectables, the only thing that could go wrong is the oil. Just draw a little and smell it. If it smells rancid, it's bad. I have Test I bought over 3 years ago and I still use it.

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    Would you just store it in a cool dark place.

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    I have had AAS tested that were 5 yrs PAST expire that came back 100% label claims.
    Store in a dry, dark, cool area away from extreme temps (hot or cold)

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    Solid dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules, appear to be most stable past their expiration date. Drugs that exist in solution or as a reconstituted suspension, and that require refrigeration may not have the required potency if used when outdated. Drugs that exist in solution, especially injectable drugs, should be discarded if the product forms a precipitant or looks cloudy or discolored.

    Proper storage of medications may help to extend their potency. The bathroom and medicine cabinet are not ideal places to store medications due to heat and humidity. And medications should not be left in a hot car. Medications remain most stable in dry, cool spaces away from light.

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