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    Just started my first cycle....

    Hey guys whats up? Well Im new to the board and I just started my first cycle. Im 22 years old and 5'8 155 lbs i got really mad that i havent been gaining the size ive wanted just like the most of us.. so i decided to make a nice trip to mexico.. hehe. I ended up reading a little bit on what sounded like it would benifit me with low side effects and good gains. I Bought 3 200ml bottles of deca duralobin.... and 3 bottles of testosterone cyponate depot 200. What do you think of these 2 drugs in combination will do for me and what dosage recomondations would you recomend. I also want to avoid side effects as much as possible. Thanks guys

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    Welcome to AR

    Lest side effects, deca 's a bad choice if that's what your looking for. It shut down hpta harder then other drugs, and you'll get bloated.

    I'd save it for another cycle. Now you dais you started your first cycle then you ask to recomend a dose, have you started or not? If yes what doses are you taking?


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    run the Deca at 300mg wk, the TEST at 400mg wk
    you should have some anit-E's handy, and please tell me you have clomid for post cycle?!?

    most importantly you need to eat eat eat!! eat high quality proteins like lean beef, chicken breast, eggs and fish. also be sure to eat your veggies as well as high fiber foods...
    I'm sure you'll get plenty of other suggestions as well...
    good luck
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    First I would make sure your diet is in check eat clean but in the range of 4000 to 5000 cals.

    400mg to 500mg on both since this is your first cycle. I would also get some anti-e's and either run them through the cycle or just have them on hand.
    Start PCT 21 days after last inj of the cyp and deca . You could also run some winny at the last 6 weeks of this cycle so that you can run gear up to PCT.

    Diet, rest, and training will be the key here.

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    Well the diet part wont be a problem... I eat alot throughout the day, plus i just ordered a few hundred dollars worth of supplements, i got 3 boxes of detour protein bars, 5lbs of optimum protein, and glutamine as well. My friend says he has some clomid .. for after.. how much of that do i need to take after my cycle? And also I dont have anti estrigon pills What do u recomend.

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