I have a bunch of questions since I've never cycled before and I'm trying to find the best and safest way to do it. I've done a decent amount of research so far but there's still a decent amount I don't know. I'm a college baseball player and I very well understand the risks and possible effects of taking steroids at my age and I appreciate any concern but I'm set on doing it. I wouldn't be considering steroids if not for the fact that I'm a potential pro-prospect. Which is why I've come to ask for help so I can minimize damages and maximize gains while trying to avoid some potential future problems I've seen like "I no longer have a sex drive and can't get hard".

I've been training hard for the past 2 years and have gained a lot of strength and weight. However, I've hit an ability barrier. What I mean is as a baseball player, I've been slowly but constantly gaining strength and mass. Yet any increases I make in the weight room now have little to no effect in throwing speed. Other factors like diet and training are not an issue. I practice 4 days a week with 3-4 days of weight training and I have a high daily calorie intake with about 120-150g of protein just with shakes and supplements. I'm probably around 250g of protein with meals.

Personal Stats:
Age: 21
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 205

For my questions:

1. I don't want to get big like a body builder, what I want is stronger, dense, fast-twitch muscles. I was recommended to take testosterone cypionate and HGH. Is this good for building fast-twitch muscles? If not what is?

2. I plan to cycle for about 4-8 weeks, what would be a good dosage/rate and how long does it usually last in your system?

3. A guy I've met said he gets his injections from a doctor. While his doctor is too far for me to meet, what are your thoughts on seeing a doctor for a cycle? And is there a way to search for these doctors besides asking every bodybuilder at my gym? Personally if it's possible it seems like the best option in my opinion. A doctor knows what he's doing more than me and can monitor for problems.

4. If you think it's best to do it on my own. Where's a good place to buy them, how should I pay and where should I send them (since I've seen people advise against sending directly to your house)?

Sorry for the long post but I was hoping I could get all my answers in one place