Why Do you say that a person should wait till at least they are under 15% body fat before enhancing. I was wondering if that was just a general rule of them or set in stone no matter what ? I am a 45 year old male that is an ex- ball player. I was in extremely good health and could still dunk until around my 38-39 years old. I have always been stout, like I was around 180ish in the 9th grade. When I was 42 (2014) I woke up a had a slight pain in and was having trouble breathing. my wife wanted to call 911, but you know us macho men, "no I'll be fine just let go use the bathroom", that was my remedy for everything. " Dad my stomach hurts, boy go use the bathroom, Daddy my tooth hurts ,awww baby girl go use the bathroom it will make it better. Pops I think I broke my arm, boy go use the bathroom, you'll be alright". Well this time I passed out before making it too the doctor and wifey called 911. I was rushed to a local hospital where the doctor immediately life lighted me to a larger hospital. Now this was done without me really not knowing what was going on, but I knew it wasn't good when they put my black ass in the helicopter, (This was a small town in Oklahoma). I ended having 4 open heart surgeries to remove a ten inch blood clot in my heart and a six blood clot in my lungs. From complications from the blood thinner Heparin I had my lower lobe of my right lung and the middle lobe when I coded on the operating table where the had to use vassopressers to help bring me back and as a result I had my thumb and part of my finger remover due to it becoming necrotic. I have had a long road back to recovery: I had to learn how to basically walk again, my mental capacity is back now, i was prescribed a shit load of pain meds, per day 32mg of Dilaudid, 240 mg of Oxycontin, with a 180 30mg Roxy's as needed. Can you guess what happened next. Yep couldn't get off the mfer's my body became physically dependent on them, so went thru hell and back to finally stop. Wife ended up using my meds and when I went to a detox re-hab hospital type thing, because my wife encouraged me to. She walked me in told me how much she loved me and how proud she was because it gave her hope that if I could do it she could too. My first month wasn't so bad, had a phone sneaked in and we talked everyday about how we couldn't wait to be with each and how things will be like they used to be, ( I was making six figures before I got sick), she wrote me a beautiful love letter that I still have to this day, and 4 days later I called I she gave me those dreaded words, "WE HAVE TO TALK" , this woman who I have been married to for 18 solid years and raised her 19yr old son since he was 8 months old, told me that she wanted a divorce because she was not happy and didn't love me anymore! Wow she tells me a week after a beautiful love letter and 8 days before xmas, not to mention while I was in the hospital. Well come to find out she met some younger guy who she fell in love with after one week and moved in with him to Florida. This has happened in the past three months. Sorry I guess I have never told this to anyone and it just came out. My bad fellows and ladies if you are here, I realize this is a steroid Q and A, so back on topic when I got out and went to see a doctor my test levels were low in the 350-380 range. I was told I have low-t, but could not afford hrt. Plus I didn't like the idea of pellets being cut into my ass, (my brother had 2000mgs put in Friday and his ass still hurts. Plus doctors told him he can't workout for a week. So a good friend of mine who has a legit connect gave me some test cyp 2500mg/10ml. he instructed me to take 250mgs shots on Monday/Thursday or like a Tuesday/Friday. I have been taking as directed , but I missed a shot Friday but took it on Tuesday because he said that it will not hurt because it's test cyp and it was still in my body. Is that true or is my cycle screwed ? Aslo I was going to stop my cycle because everybody keeps telling me I have too much body fat and not to enhance. But I was told by the 1987 Mr.USA that I should bulk so as to have some muscle to show when I do trim down. So I have been trying to bulk. Also remember that I have low-t and that the test cyp has helped in that regard I think because I do have more energy and sleep better , stronger but maybe I would be on the same pace without the test cyp. So I am indecisive as to what is the correct course to take. Should I stay on or quit and wait, just take a lower dose ? Please someone with knowledge and experience educate me on what is the best course for my particular situation. Last question would I have Anavar 10mg 100 count. Would it be better to stretch 20mg, 30mg or just take a short cycle of 40, 50 or 60 mgs ? What is the correct thing to do. Being new would 20mg or 30mg work for me. I've read that you have to take like 80mgs or more for results. Sorry about the book. It has been a rough two and half years and I want to come back with a vengeance and show the world that I was down and you haters hated, dropped me and left me ( Especially the one I used to call wifey) but now I back Faster,Bigger,Stronger and Better. Your expert education would be much appreciated because iI was told it was like a brotherhood here. I hope it's true because I need that right now.....Antrb1