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    What will happen to my friend?

    My bro knows this kid who is 18, into lifting and stuff, i don't really know him, might see him once in a long while. I don't think his diet and such is truly hard core like most here, but anyways i don't think he is prepared although he does have a decent build and has been lifting for a few years.

    Anyways, he decided "you only live once" and got some eq off his uncle and is gonna run 6 weeks of eq alone. From talking with my bro, he doesn't have anything else except the eq, no anti-e's or whatever, just the eq, thats all his uncle said he would need. BTW, i don't know if the eq is injectable or if has it in orals. (i don't even know if eq is made only in one or the other, i'm a newbie at all this AS stuff, but i just thought i would mention it)

    I told my bro that he needs to do some more research and that there's alot of potentially really bad side effects and i guess my bro said he pretty much doesn't really care. I don't talk to him, but i'm really not sure how you convince a person that is so ignorant not to take AS.

    So my question is, if he runs the eq for 6 weeks by itself and absolutely nothing else, no anti-e's, no post clomid or anything what do you think will happen? Will he keep any gains? Will he suffer from side effects and which ones?

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    I doubt he'll notice much of anything. Especially only taking it for 6 weeks.

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    Maybe he will not see any result, eq is a injectable AS, the undecylinate need to be used for 10 or 12 weeks it have a long acting ester. Nolva and clomid are not required.

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    EQ (equipoise ) is a pretty mild AS with a very low occurance of side effects. Being that this is the first time his body is being exposed to any AS, running EQ for 6 weeks alone may give him some retainable mass, but not much. Your brother need not take any anti-e's if only running eq for 6 weeks alone.

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