Hello everyone!

I'm getting ready to start my first cycle and I've been reading, planning, reading again, and making adjustments. Yes I know that adding in an oral is deviating a little, but I'd like to give it a shot and TBOL is supposed to be relatively mild. I also plan on running a detailed log with all sort of measurements as best I can as I'm a big data nerd.

Anyway... I wanted to run my plan by everyone to make sure I'm not doing anything horribly wrong because despite all my research, it's not a replacement for genuine experience.

A little about me... I'm 35, 5'10", 193lbs, 15% BF, and while I have been doing the "gym" thing since high school, it's probably in the last 2.5 years I have been much more focused on training and diet. For diet I'm going for TDEE+500 and 40/40/20 as a starting point. My overall goal is not to massively bulk but rather recomp and gain some lean muscle while keeping my pants size the same.

So, what is my plan? Here is what I've put together. First thing is the blood work, which will be 2 weeks before I start through Private Labs. Im getting a Comprehensive Wellness panel (CBC, CMP, Lipids, Kidney, Liver, Thyroid) and a Hormone panel (E2 sensitive, FSH, LH, Test LC/MS-MS). I'm also seeing my regular doctor for a basic physical too. In addition I've also been tracking my BP at home almost daily for a month to get a baseline on that as well.

The plan is a 14 week Test E cycle with a 5 week TBOL kickstart to squeeze as much as I can out of this experience. Below is the dosing/compound schedule I'm planning on running. The TBOL and Test are UGL (from reliable sources with blood work) and the ancillaries are all pharma. I also have Arimidex and Ralox on hand in case I need it as well as extra Aromasin in case I need to increase the dose. I will also be getting mid-cycle blood work (same panels as pre-cycle) about 7 weeks in.

Week 1-5: 50mg/day Turinabol (1x25mg morning, 1x25mg night)
Week 1-5: 500mg/day TUDCA (1x 250mg morning, 1x250mg night)
Week 1-14: Test E 500mg/week (1ml Mon/1ml Thu)
Week 1-14: 12.5mg Aromasin on pin days (Mon/Thu)
Week 1-14: 50iu HCG per day

Now onto the important PCT part...

I'll be waiting 3 weeks (weeks 15-17) after last pin for everything to clear and then I will start a 5 week PCT (weeks 18-22) with Clomid (50/50/25/25/25) and Nolvadex (20/20/10/10/10)

Last step after PCT is done is to wait another 6-8 weeks and then get the post cycle blood work done to make sure everything is back to baseline. I might throw in some basic E2 bloodwork along the way if it's necessary but that's pretty much it.

Thanks for your help!