The allotted three months is coming to an end before too long, and I've been putting a lot of thought and time into my second cycle!

Firstly, I'll give you guys a little information about myself:
Height: 5'11
Weight: 205 lbs currently (end of first cycle ~215 at similar bf)
BF: ~9-10%

Recent Lifts:
Deadlifts- 405 for 4 sets of 8 (2 months post cycle)
Squats: 355 for 4 sets of 8 (2 months post cycle)
(strength isn't important to me, just thought these were decent references)
Bench: 315x6 (last time I flat bar benched was at the end of the cycle)

First Cycle I Did:
Test E 500m/Week 1-12 weeks
Ran Aromasin throughout the cycle and into pct, started Nolva a week after last injection for PCT as well

Goal: I'll be ~195lbs at 8% or so by the time the next cycle starts, and I'll be in a position to gain a good amount of weight without becoming too high bf at the end. However, I'm looking to put on quality size as I'm an aspiring physique competitor rather than just somebody who wants to be "huge". I'm after my perfect physique if you will. That's where the dilemma comes in. I don't know if I want to do a "Bulking cycle" or a "Recomp Cycle" while the most simplistic goal is to put on some quality size.

I've been contemplating between two cycles, and am trying to make my mind up on which one before I get decide exact dosages etc.

The First Option Is:
1-12: Test E- 500 mg/week
1-4: Tbol- 40-80 mg/week (split between 2 doses a day ~9:30 am/pm)
9-12: Winny (haven't decided dosage yet, any experience would be welcome)
I'll be running aromasin throughout, possibly HCG for the last 4 weeks ending 4 days pre SERMs and Nolva/Clomid for PCT
I'll also be taking cycle assist along with other natural supplements such as Fish Oil, Multis, B12, etc.

The Second Option Is:
1-12: Test E- 500 mg/week
1-4: Tbol- 40-80 mg/week (split between 2 doses a day ~9:30am/pm)
1-12: Deca 300-400 mg/week (open to opinions of people who have taken it before)
Same Intra cycle and Post Cycle process as far as planning has gone so far, this is however by no means a final product.

Diet Through Cycle:
Month 1: 3750 cals (85f, 475c, 275p) 10 mins of HIIT 3 times a week
Month 2: 4000 cals (90f, 500c, 300p) 15 mins of HIIT 3 times a week
Month 3: 4250 cals (95f, 525c, 325p) 20 mins of HIIT 3 times a week

Training: High Volume AF
I'll be training twice a day on Monday and Fridays, each muscle group will be hit twice per week with a noticeable increase in both arms, calves, and shoulder volume as those are my largest weaknesses. I'll be taking Sundays off to recover.

As I said above, I am looking to add a good amount of muscle to achieve my physique goals. However, I'm hoping to keep it generally tight in terms of the amount of water retention and estrogenic related sides (thus aromasin throughout) while adding a good amount of size. I'm not afraid to go up in bf% as that's part of the game, however I'll aim to keep it below 12-13% at max at 220-230lbs. Anyone who's tried either of these cycles or anything similar or just someone looking to give some friendly advice please don't hesitate to comment below! If I've missed anything please remind me and I'll happily supply it!