Hey guys.
So i have some dbol and some test e that i want to do together in a cycle starting soon but i have a couple of questions.

Ive tried dbol on its own in the past with decent results and ive also done 2 months of test e by itself with good results as well.
I want to stack them together this time and see how it goes.

I had a buddy show me how to inject switching from shoulder to shoulder every time.
Is there anywhere else i can inject or should i stick to.my shoulders?
I find i.am always really paranoid about certain things like possibly hitting a vein (i heard somewhere an air bubble can kill you?), possibly breaking the needle of etc.
Am i being a ridiculous pussy or what?

One of my fears is getting tits and shit.
My buddy had.me take some post cycle pills a few weeks after my test e cycle that he said would counteract estrogen or whatever but i have read some posts where guys said they were taking pills while.on the cycle.
Looking for some help.with this. Should i take something while on my cycle or 3 weeks after im done the test?

Im thinking i will probably be taking 30 mg dbol per day and 2 shots per week.of. the test e for 2 months.
Looking for any help or advice i can get.

Oh ya im 38 and ive been working out with weights on and off for 20 years.
Im 6'1 and 215 lbs right now.

Thanks alot for your help.