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    Really sore throat / getting sick on cycle?

    Second cycle taking the following:

    65mg test Prop EOD
    75mg Anavar ED

    it's been a week now exactly on the test. Started the var a few days before the test. Over the three days have developed a really really sore throat. Doesn't seem to be any other symptoms of a sickness yet, possible its headed that way. But this sore throat has just been building up and not getting any better.

    I'm also taking the following vitamins/supps:
    Fish oil
    Super B complex
    Milk Thistle

    and occasionally Vitamin C / Zinc.

    Any thoughts/suggestions to get past it? Last cycle (Test-E only) I think I got sick at some point early on as well.
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    Is it acid reflux by chance? Anavar can lead to severe heartburn/acid reflux in many people.

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    No not heartburn/acid reflux, I've had heartburn/acid reflux before and none of the stomach ache or chest pain. Definitely just a cold type throat sore. Started coughing up some nasty yellow shit today.

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