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    Would d bol trigger acne?

    I made a post before about winny and EQ andI know they wouldnt trigger acne. I was wondering about D Bol.
    I have reactions to test and fina with acne and I am trying to avoid it as much as possible. Any help would be appreciated.

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    It depends on you and your body. Personally I think all As will trigger some kind of acne just depends on how much or how bad. Don't forget it's a foreign substance and are body reacts to things in many diff ways. Do your search on acne there are many ways to help minimize it!

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    like xtremesport14 said. but for the most part d-bol yes it deff does

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    DBOL greatly increases test which increases DHT. Those increase sebum production. Sebum is part of the mixture which is the oil on your skin. It can increase over all oilyness of your skin and create more acne. Many people that go on a dht inhibiting medication, ie avodart report less acne and oil on their skin.

    Heres a good read:

    The oil on the surface of skin is a complex mixture of sebum, lipids (from the surface skin cells), sweat and environmental material.

    Sebum is produced by sebaceous glands. These are found over most of the body, although there are few on the hands or feet and none on the palms and soles. Sebaceous glands on the mid-back, forehead and chin are larger and more numerous than elsewhere (up to 400-900 glands per square centimetre). They are also numerous in the ear canal and around the genitals.

    The sebaceous gland consists of lobes connected by ducts, which are lined with cells similar to those on the skin surface.

    Most sebaceous glands open out into the hair follicle. Some free sebaceous glands open directly onto the skin surface. These include Meibomian glands on the eyelids, Tysons glands on the foreskin and Fordyces spots on the upper lip.

    Sebum is produced when the sebaceous gland disintegrates. The cells take about a week from formation to discharge. Sebum is a complex and variable mixture of lipids including:

    Free fatty acids
    Wax esters
    Cholesterol esters

    Hormonal control of sebum:

    Sebum production is under the control of sex hormones (androgens). The most active androgens are testosterone , 5-testosterone (DHT) and 5-androstene-317diol. These hormones and others are made by the sex glands (ovary in females, testis in males) and by the adrenal gland. These glands are in turn under the influence of the pituitary gland, located in the brain.

    Androgens are made more active by enzymes in the skin and sexual organs. Type 1 5- reductase acts in the skin and Type II 5- reductase acts in the sexual organs. These enzymes convert less active androgens into the active testosterone and 5-testosterone (DHT). These more active androgens stimulate sebaceous gland cells to produce more sebum.

    The role of progesterone is unclear. Females produce more sebum in the week before their menstrual period when progesterone levels are higher. But progesterone is known to reduce the activity of the enzyme 5-reductase that one might expect to reduce sebum production.

    The web page link for this is here:

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    good info scottp999!

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    almost all aas can cause pimples. Eq and winny definately can too.

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    if your worried about acne and oil get your hands on something called "clinac OC" you can order from your local pharm its over the counter but not usually carried on the shelf. in short it solidifies the oil so you produce alot less. along with this wash your face twice a day and get a script for differin gel. its been helping alot on my cycle. good luck


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