I'm planning my next cycle which will be my third and wanted to get a few opinions. My stats are

29 yrs old
5'9 202lbs
10% BF

I have done two cycles the first consisting of
400mg test per week for 12 weeks
400mg EQ per week for 12 weeks

The second cycle consisted of
600mg test per week for 25 weeks
75mg tren per day for the last 8 weeks

I've been off for 2 months and have maintained most of my gains and am planning a 4-6 month cycle for the winter. I have access to 540IU of Genotropin HGH in 120 individual quick shots which would be 4.5IU per day 5 out of seven days a week. I was thinking of combining this with 600mg test per week with and maybe adding in tren at some point in the cycle.

Insulin is something I rather stay away from, at this stage for sure.

Any opinions on dosages and time of day to take the HGH would be great. I know not to take HGH late at night but I'm not sure if I can do divided doses with the Genotropin quickshots.

Thanks Guys